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  • Title : Ideal Saffle Woman Contrary to her elegant appearance, Tsukasa Aoi, who has an unfathomable sexual desire, suddenly becomes horny and responds to her opponent's propensity to please her man every night.
  • 作品タイトル : 理想のセフレ女 上品な見た目とは裏腹にいきなり淫乱になり男を喜ばせたくて相手の性癖に応えまくり女のくせして絶倫性欲の葵つかさが毎夜ヤる。
  • Starring : Tsukasa Aoi  
  • 出演女優 : 葵つかさ / 葵司  
  • Genre : Pussy Ejaculation   Fetish  
  • 影片簡介 : 潮吹   痴女  
  • Ref No./ 品番 : SSIS-605

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